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Organic and Non-GMO Project certification labels are by far the most sought after seal by consumers in the food industry. With consumers becoming more aware and choosing organic and non-gmo food, they are shaping the food production landscape from a conventional approach to an organic and non-GMO choice.  Food manufacturers are recognizing and responding to consumer demands.

Responding to consumer demand can be tedious due to all steps involved particularly around regulatory, food quality, re-formulation, Research and development and marketing. The Organic and Non-GMO Project verification process are often thought of as time consuming and laborious. How will you manage more certifications when you're already focusing on so many other seals? Certification, if it’s your first time, is honestly a daunting task.  


WFCF Organic acknowledges your investment and commitment to becoming certified and we would like to remove all your doubts about verification. We have a dedicated and passionate customer service team and we our online certification management software has been developed to accommodate for quality assurance specialist, regulatory, farmers, restaurants and retailers who would like to get their Organic and Non-GMO certification.


Because the consumer preference dictates the direction of growth and the nature of the food industry which directly effects the increased need of certification, WFCF Organic aims to provide assistance to all clients seeking certification to make the process simple and easy. In our experience in certification, one aspect that has stood out from our clients is that we listen, understand their business needs and that they can rely on us.

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