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Non-GMO Project verification is the fastest growing label in the natural products industry, representing more than $30 billion in annual sales and more than 60,000 verified products for more than 3,000 brands. Non-GMO products are in demand and the Non-GMO Project verification seal is the most trusted Non-GMO label among consumers.  The Non-GMO Project seal gives shoppers the assurance that a product has completed a comprehensive third-party verification process. When it comes to food labeling, third-party certifications are best because they ensure the claim is unbiased, rigorous, and transparent.



Organic and Non-GMO Project certification labels are by far the most sought after seal by consumers in the food industry. With consumers becoming more aware and choosing organic and non-gmo food, they are shaping the food production landscape from a conventional approach to an organic and non-GMO choice.  Food manufacturers are recognizing and responding to consumer demands.


Responding to consumer demand can be tedious due to all steps involved particularly around regulatory, food quality, re-formulation, R&D, marketing and finally certification seals that consumers recognize the most desireable. The Organic and Non-GMO Project verification process are often thought of as time consuming and laborious  How will you manage more certifications when you're already focusing on so many other seals? Certification, if it’s your first time, is honestly a daunting task. 

Among the many certification marks that appear on food products, such as Organic, Non-GMO Project, fair trade, gluten-free, plant-based, Rain Forest Alliance, and others, 87% of consumers recognize USDA Organic and 80% recognize the Non-GMO Project butterfly logo. [Source]

This is why at WFCF Organic we have focused our priories and certifications efforts to serve consumer package good companies, retailers, suppliers and farmers to ensure we can offer all of the highly recognized certifications while reducing your costs, creating brand awareness and saving you time by streamlining and bundling your many certifications.  

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