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WFCF Organic is now offering the Regenerative Organic Certified™  program!  Both current and prospective Certified Organic clients can bundle both Organic and ROC™ when they work with WFCF Organic.

Regenerative Organic Certified

The Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA) acts as the Oversight and Scheme Management Body for the program.  USDA NOP organic certification is the foundation of ROC™, so applicants must be in pursuit or have achieved organic certification as a baseline to begin the ROC™ certification process.

ROC™ encompasses three pillars: Soil Health, Animal Welfare, and Social Fairness.   
It has three levels of certification:
ROC Bronze, ROC Silver, and ROC Gold. Each level requires the implementation of a different number and scope of regenerative organic practices. Operations are required to improve over the years to maintain certification.


Prior to applying, all interested participants should review the ROC™ governing documents located on the ROC™ Resources webpage.



  1. Applicants that are new to the National Organic Program (NOP) with WFCF Organic should complete the WFCF Organic Inquiry Form and indicate you would like to begin both the NOP and ROC™.  Both NOP and ROC™ should be done simultaneously.* 

  2. WFCF Organic will review your NOP Organic application for completeness and ability to comply

ALREADY NOP CERTIFIED?  BEGIN HERE. (New NOP applicants must begin above.)

  1. Apply online with ROA to begin the ROC™ process.

  2. On the application, select WFCF Organic as your certifier.

3.  ROA reviews the ROC™ application for completeness and ability to comply, then they begin initial review.
4.  Once application(s) are approved, you will move on to inspections with WFCF Organic.
If you are a WFCF Organic NOP customer, then if possible, the ROC™ inspection will be bundled with your
       WFCF Organic onsite NOP inspection.

5.  WFCF Organic will review both program inspection reports and recommend a ROC™ decision to ROA.

6.  If no issues arise, ROA will issue the ROC™ certificate.

7.  Once certification is granted, annual inspections will be conducted to review practices for compliance to
     both NOP Organic regulations and ROC™.

ROC™ Appeals, Complaints and Investigations

Operations appealing a WFCF Organic certification decision OR stakeholders wishing to file a complaint with WFCF Organic pertaining to the ROC™ program may submit those to Vinodthan Nayagar, ROC™ Program Manager, by emailing


Details regarding the ROC™ appeals process as well as the complaints and investigation process can be found in the WFCF Organic Certification Services Program Manual.


Regenerative Organic Certification FAQs

Who can apply for ROC™?

WFCF Organic is offering the ROC™ program to farms and ranches located in the United States that currently hold a USDA NOP Organic certification. This includes new applicants.  


How much does ROC™ cost? 

WFCF Organic will bill an annual fee per ROC™ as well as inspection fees that will be based on time and travel. You can read more on WFCF Organic fees in our WFCF Organic Certification Services Program Manual. All other fees will be billed by ROA and can be located on their website Resources page under Cost and Fee Structure. 

How long does the process take to become Certified?

Operations that are new to organic certification and ROC™ can expect the process to take roughly three months. ROC™ should happen concurrently with your USDA NOP Organic certification.

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